For over a century, the Bronx County Medical Society has fostered the highest possible medical and ethical standards for all doctors, engaged actively with the Bronx community and supported regulations to protect patients and physicians. The Society, which was established in 1914—the same year as the creation of Bronx County—has evolved into a prestigious resource center for both its Continue Reading

Dr. Louis C. Rose, President of the Bronx County Medical Society, hosted a legislative breakfast at the Hutch Metro Center in their auditorium. Invited guests included dignitaries such as Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Supreme Court Justice Douglas McKeon and State Senator Gustavo Rivera. This was the first meeting of the Bronx County Medical Society Continue Reading

The Bronx County Medical Society voted in 2013 to make Louis C. Rose, M.D. president of its organization. The society which formally came into existence in 1914 has played an important role in the county with the delivery of healthcare through its hospitals, teaching institutions and other providers. The mission of the medical society and Continue Reading

Dr. Lou operates on The Doctors

When Dr. Drew Ordon, a regular cast member on the television show ‘The Doctors’ needed surgery on his knee, he called on his old friend, Dr. Lou, to do the procedure. Dr. Drew’s active sports activities like golf and paddle tennis caused enough wear and tear on his meniscus to require surgery. During the episode, Continue Reading

What Makes a Great Surgeon?

Anyone considering surgery has an important decision to make. That decision should be the right one. Surgery should be a great experience because it will start you on the road to recovery. It will mean the alleviation of pain, discomfort, or inability to perform something you probably did routinely. Surgeons do not suggest surgery routinely; Continue Reading