Dr. Louis C. Rose elected President of Bronx County Medical Society

The Bronx County Medical Society voted in 2013 to make Louis C. Rose, M.D. president of its organization. The society which formally came into existence in 1914 has played an important role in the county with the delivery of healthcare through its hospitals, teaching institutions and other providers. The mission of the medical society and one which Dr. Rose endorses is to be ahead of the changing landscape of healthcare and help identify the core issues affecting both patient and provider in the Bronx. It is his mission to lay out a unified plan from the medical as well as legislative side that will at the end, help the residents of the Bronx realize better health results.

Dr. Rose, who is a native of the Bronx, has practiced in the Bronx for thirty three years. He is the perfect choice for president. After studying elsewhere he chose to come back to the Bronx and practice orthopedic medicine. It was a decision he made where “he could better serve those who needed him most”.

Bronx county is the third largest county in New York City having 1.8 million residents. It has long suffered from misperceptions, a high crime rate, and residents living at or below the poverty line. It suffered subsequently from disparities in education, housing and most importantly, healthcare delivery. With so many issues diabetes, obesity, asthma, accidents and much more all spiraled out of control.

Dr. Rose was one of the first of many doctors who decided that helping where help was most needed, made the most sense. He has always advocated for a strong partnership between healthcare providers and legislative representatives. As such, he always took the lead in maintaining strong bonds with elected officials and healthcare providers. He was former Chairman of the Board of Westchester Medical Center until the hospital was purchased recently by Montefiore. The hospital had the largest Medicare population in the Bronx of any hospital illustrating his commitment to caring for the elder members of our society.

“I am committed to making the relationship with our legislative partners and our healthcare providers both individually and institutionally the strongest its ever been. In these uncertain times with the new healthcare laws we have to work together for all concerned. In the end our residents in the Bronx will be better for it”.