Our Facilities


The medical facilities and equipment were chosen with the same care and attention.

The object of this effort is to make sure that whatever type of injury or illness your patient or client may have, we have the right doctors and equipment to diagnose it, provide relief from pain and, where necessary, recommend a program of long-term treatment or therapy.

This includes all types of body trauma from auto accidents, job-related injuries, falling, sports injuries, transportation injuries or other medical needs.
• Complete X-Ray Facilities – On Site
• MRI and C-T Scan Facility Nearby
• Electromyography (EMG) – On Site
• Computerized Range of Motion Testing (ROM), Strength and Physical Capacity Evaluations, Comparative Muscle Testing – On Site
• Evoked Potential (VEP, BAER and SSEPs) – On Site
• Cognitive Functions Evaluations – On Site