Steve Schirripa

Steve Shirripa

Author, producer and actor from ‘The Sopranos’

“When I injured my hand Dr. Rose was the only surgeon I considered. I’ve known him for a long time and knew he had the skills to correct the fracture and bring me back one hundred percent”.

Nate Archibald

NBA Hall of Famer & Top 50 Basketball Players of All Time   “Dr. Rose is a close personal friend and a surgeon of unmatched talent and skills. After speaking with him about my injuries I knew that surgery was the right thing to do. He explained to me what he would be doing and said that I would be 100% after surgery and rehab; and he was right! I would recommend him to anyone.”

Dr. Andrew Ordon

Call it doctor-doctor privilege * When he injured his knee, Dr. Andrew Ordon of the CBS show “The Doctors Show” could have gone anywhere for surgery. The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon came to Westchester Square Medical Center in the Bronx to have the procedure done by long time friend Dr. Louis Rose. “I know him and trust him implicitly and have nothing but the greatest respect for his skill in the operating room”.

* Daily News

Dr. Andrew Ordon - The Doctors
Bron Borough President Ruben Diaz

Ruben Diaz

Bronx Borough President and former State Senator

“Growing up in the Bronx I always played a game of basketball in the park. To this day I still do. It was there that I injured my knee. A torn meniscus. Dr. Rose diagnosed it and performed the surgery. I am back on the courts playing the game I love. I would recommend Dr. Rose to anyone with an orthopedic injury”.



Rick Nielsen, PGA

“As a PGA golf professional, I was very concerned when I fractured my ulna. Dr. Lou and his team worked miracles – reducing my healing time significantly and getting me back to my golf game with no lasting effects.”

Rick Nielsen, PGA

Dr. Rose and his team repaired my torn meniscus quickly, and got me back to my normal running routine in no time flat.

Carrie Chamberlin