Throgs Neck Multi Care, P.C.

Throgs Neck Multi Care was founded by Dr. Louis C. Rose, Orthopaedic Surgeon, with the vision of providing excellent medical care for patients who had sustained orthopedic and traumatically related injuries.

Injuries can run a full spectrum, from minor ones to more serious ones, such as those seen at the workplace, as a result of a motor vehicle accident, or that occur while participating in sports. To address all of the aspects of these injuries, our staff includes an internal medicine specialist, a physiatrist, a neurologist, and orthopedic surgeons, all board certified; in addition, some have teaching appointments at major New York medical schools.

We have designed and use all state-of-the-art modalities in the workup and decision-making process for the final treatment of our patients. Understanding that the world of medical insurance has become a complex one, we have a customized computer system which deals with all aspects of insurance billing, the generation of Workman’s Compensation forms, as well as, forms needed for any type of No-fault accident. Our charts are all dictated so there is never a question about the progression of a patient’s treatment under our care.

Here at Throgs Neck Multi Care we strive to ease the pain associated with injuries for our patients by not only providing excellent treatment but also assisting them in all aspects of record-keeping, documentation, and answering legal inquiries in an expeditious fashion. It is with great pride that I introduce myself to you and offer our services, which are unparalleled in the medical community.